Pam Feels Every Milestone Deserves to be Celebrated.

Pam’s clients, friends and even family will tell you with a knowing-smile that she makes every event memorable. It may be as simple as a daughter returning from an internship overseas to a celebration of that high mountain climbed to a celebration of a couple’s life together.

Milestone Event Planning is the culmination of Pam’s thirty years of experience as a corporate marketing professional in commercial, retail and residential real estate to her own strategic marketing and special events company.

She has designed, managed and implemented birthday events to welcome parties to home design studio launches to brand-focused retail shopping center grand openings.

Pam’s background in strategic marketing is what sets her events apart. Her objective is a client smile and guests’ memories of your milestone.

Pam is a visionary who sees things that no one else does and knows how to bring life to every occasion. Every detail of every event is put together with energy and passion. We have been blessed by Pam for years and are thrilled to recommend her services!

Kristina and Brandon, Washington D.C.